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2014 MIFA Awards: 75 Most Influential Filipino Americans (Fil-Am)

75 Most Influential Filipino American

For Immediate Release
MGR Records-
Central Valley,California
October 13, 2014
Contact: MGR Rac

By Mario G. Racadio Jr.

2014 MIFA Awards presented by
‪#‎Blogtalk‬ with ‪#‎MJRacadio‬
(America’s First Fil-Am Hollywood Entertainment Podcasting Show)
& ‪#‎MGR‬ Records: Non-profit Organization- Empower. Creativity. Mentoring. Discover the undiscovered

MIFA: 75 Most Influential Fil-Am’s of the Year 2014
October Celebrating Filipino American History Month.

Vision: To unify Fil-Am, recognized the contributions within the community, society & empower others.

The 75 nominees according to achievements in the Fil-Am community, society and promotes Filipino Culture.

Marc Anthony Nicolas: Emmy Nominated Producer of ‪#‎TheTalk‬ /Host of ‪#‎OnyourMarcShow‬

Janet Susan R. Nepales- Hollywood Journalist & HFPA member

Ruben Nepales- Former Chairman (2013) of HFPA Hollywood Foreign Press

‪#‎DJQBert‬- America’s Best DJ (2010)

Christina Luna- Talent Manager/The Luna Company

Kara Birkenstock- ‪#‎StyleBites‬ Fashionista/Producer

Oliver Oliveros- ‪#‎BroadwayWorld‬ Public Relation

RD Alba- Director

Sharon T- International Dance Diva
Sharon Tanyag

Gene Santos (Make-up artist/Filipiniana Costume Designer/Kalahi member)

Jannelle So-Perkins Host/Producer

Ron Quesada of Kulintronica- Kulintang+ EDM

Joey Guila- Stand-up Comedian

Apl De Ap- ‪#‎BlackEyedPeas‬ member/Jeepney Music

Gel Santos Relos- Balitang America

Esmeralda Padilla-Gould -‪#‎Kalahi‬ Member/Ms. Asian Las Vegas( Mrs Category)2014/Public Figure

Dinah San Pedro- Publisher/Writer

Susan Delos Santos – Filipino Press Publisher

Eric G. – Performer/Songwriter

Rius- Performer/Songwriter

Ted Benito- Promoter/Producer
Exec. Dir. of the Foundation

Dr. Tess Mauricio- Hollywood Dermatologist

Keesa Ocampo-Lifestyle Network Public Relation

Fatima Yusuf David- Public Figure/Recording Artist

JD Charisma- Performer/Actor/Songwriter

Additional lists for MIFA Awards 2014

‪#‎ErikSpoelstra‬- Miami Heat Coach

‪#‎CristitaComeford‬- White House Executive Chef

Jackie Chavez – OPM Ambassador/Acoustic Gem

Jochael Huffman- Fashion/Magazine Make-up Artist/Stylist

Sansu Ramsey- Host/Producer

Josephine ‘Banig’ Roberto-

‪#‎BrunoMars‬- Grammy award winning recording artist

‪#‎ChadHugo‬ of ‪#‎Neptunes‬- Grammy award winning producer

‪#‎CherylBurke‬- Dancing with the Stars Champion

‪#‎VanessaHudgens‬- Hollywood Actress

‪#‎NicoleScherzinger‬ of ‪#‎PussyCatDolls‬- Multi-Platinum Recording Artist

‪#‎CherCalvin‬- ‪#‎Emmy‬ award winning News Anchor

‪#‎AJRafael‬- YouTube Superstar/Songwriter

‪#‎GTongi‬- Host/Producer (Kababayan Today)

‪#‎YongChavez‬- Reporter in Hollywood

Kenneth Barlis- Hollywood Fashion Designer

Zena Sultana Babao- Journalist for Elvis Impersonator of America

Michelle Andria- Performer/Mentor

‪#‎RobertLopez‬- Oscar winner of ‘Let it go’composer

‪#‎EllonaSantiago‬- ‪#‎XFactor‬ Finalist

John Paul Raposas- Film Maker/Producer

Elton Lugay- Community Leader/founder of TOFA-NY

Loida Nicolas Lewis- Community leader

Kris Babao- Choreographer

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25 Additional Nominations:
for #MIFA75

Tia Carrere (2 time Grammy award winner) Actress Wayne’s World/True Lies

Lou Diamond Philips – Actor “King and I”/La Bamba

Mark Dacascos – Actor/Host- Hawaii Five-O and Iron Chef America

Angela Perez Baraquio – Miss America 2001 – just published her first book.

Jessica Sanchez – highest Fil-Am finalist on American Idol

Jon Jon Briones – Theater Actor/”Miss Saigon” in London

Rob Bonta – first Fil-Am elected Ca. State Assemblyman

Eddie Angeles – First Fil-Am appointed to TSA by President Obama

Fritz Friedman – first Fil-Am appointed to California Humanities Commission by Governor Brown

Tony Olaes – Exec. Dir. of Gawad Kalinga – USA

Dado Banatao – Fil-Am tech whiz (multi-millionaire) and Chairman of PhilDev

Shay Mitchell – of Pretty Little Liars – just started own fashion line

Alee Vicencio Baytan (Fitness Guru/Kaba Modern)

Monique Lhullier, Oliver Tolentino, Alan del Rosario, Alexis Monsanto, David Tupas – Fashion Designers, they dresses Hollywoods A-List celebrities

Hailee Steinfeld- Oscar nominated actress

Darren Criss – (Glee) actor/singer/songwriter

Peterson Gonzaga- Public Relation/Pacific Rim Video

Fil-Am TV- Media

Sthanlee Mirador-Hollywood Photographer

Art Delpasen- Hollywood Celebrity Make-up Artist

Armi Guzman- Singer/Mentor

Stephanie Reese – International singer/actress/philanthropist

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‪#‎MIFAAwards2014‬. The Top 75 MIFA Awardee will be announced end of October 2014 according to accomplishments not popularity votes. Congrats! To everyone

#MIFA75 Thank you’s
Ron Quesada
“wow thanks”

Eric G. Artist Page (Performer/Songwriter)
“Humbled n honored. Give God the glory!”

Ruben V. Nepales(Former Chairman of Hollywood Foreign Press Association 2013)
“Thank you, MJ Racadio, for understanding and no longer making this a popularity contest.”

JD Charisma(Performer/Actor/Songwriter)
“Thank you MJ. God bless you & more power to you.”

Sharon Tanyag(International Dance Diva)
“This is Awesome Thank you MJ”

Kara Birkenstock(Hollywood Fashionista/Host of Stylebites
“Thank you, MJ! What an honor to be recognized amongst such inspirational Fil-Ams!”

Zena Sultana Babao(Journalist of Elvis Impersonator of America)
“I’m humbled and honored that I am included in your list of prospective recipient of MIFA awards. Thank you, MJ!”

Joey Guila(Stand-Up Comedian)
“Thanks my brotha MJ! But I’m just your average chubby guy who loves Nilaga and going to Ross when I cash my check. Much love bro!”

Marc Anthony Nicolas- (Emmy Nominated Producer of #TheTalk)
Thank you MJ Racadio

Esmeralda Padilla-Gould (Ms. Asian Las Vegas Winner/public figure)
Thank you, MJ. I’m very grateful.

Jackie Chavez (Acoustic Gem)
Thanks MJ! It’s my pleasure.. Godbless your podcast!

Elton Lugay- Founder of TOFA-NY
Hi MJ, thank you so much!

Dr. Tess Mauricio(#Hollywood Dermatologist)
Wow! I totally didn’t expect to see my name! I just read the names of my friends and colleagues listed before I saw my name – all very deserving and inspiring individuals and true Pinoy Pride! Thank You MIFA
and MJ Racadio for the honor of being nominated! I am humbled! I love what I do and I am blessed to help my patients feel their very best everyday. Maraming Salamat!

Art Delpasen- (Hollywood Make-Up Artist/Stylist)
I am very honored by this and very humbled.

Ted Benito (Producer/Exec. dir. Alp De Ap Foundation)
Thank you MJ. Appreciate the nod.

Alan Del Rosario- (Hollywood Fashion Designer)
I am??? Thanks MJ Racadio….. !!! I am humbled…. I feel like I still have a lot to do to deserve such honor…. super Gratefull…!!!!

Oliver Oliveros- (Broadway World/Public Relation)
Thank you, MJ

Michelle Andria-(Performer/Mentor)
MIFA rocks! Thank you MJ for the honorable mention

Jochael Huffman (Fashion/Magazine-Stylist/Make-up Artist)
What an honor and privilege to be a part of this list with so many great names. Thank you so much Mario. I am truly humbled.

Peterson Gonzaga
A Big thank you to MJ Racadio for considering me and Sthanlee B. Mirador in your list of nominees of the most influential Fil-Ams of 2014! On behalf of our media outlet / production company Pacific Rim Video / Pacific Rim Photo Press we thank you!

Empower. Inspire. 1 person at a time

By Mario G. Racadio Jr .

Empower. Inspire. 1 person at a time

From recording blog diary to historical podcasting show

Who could have thought recording blog diary will be so historical?. Well I did not claim it, the whole entertainment industry did. I’m quite humbled & honored to create this program with only one vision: inspiring others.

America’s First Filipino American Entertainment Podcasting Show Weekly! Every Sundays. Powered by #Soundcloud Blogging + Talk = #Blogtalk with #MJRacadio Season 2 Premiere September 07, 9PM PST/12 Midnight,

Discover the Undiscovered
Discover the Undiscovered


Vision: Empower. Inspire. 1 person at a time.

Mission: Weekly podcasting entertainment show getting to know behind the scenes & inspiring stories that will empower individuals from all walks of life. The latest buzz from hollywood, music, fashion, television & broadway.

With Hollywood Journalist Janet Susan R . Nepales
With Hollywood Journalist Janet Susan R . Nepales

September 2014 Line-up
Philip Anthony-Film Maker/Producer
Michael Comaduran-The Bookman of UCLA
Exclusive Interview with Esmeralda Padilla-Gould: Inspirational Mom/Public Figure

Sept. 14
Carlos Asuncion-Public Servant
Christina Luna- Leader/Talent Manager/Consultant

Sept. 21
Klubjumpers- Grammy Nominated Remixer/Voted Best DJ from Billboard Winter Music Conference
Fatima Yusuf-David- Powerhouse Diva/Mother

Sept. 28
Yvonne Patterson-Nurse/Entrepreneur
Tyra Moore -Interior designer

Listen Now! sharing is caring

Thank you to partner in crime MGR Rac
smartphones+ideas= Inspiring

Where Pop Artist meets The Indie Band

#Red Indie Band
#Red Indie Band


Immediate Release
September 05, 2014
MGR Records
Central Valley, California

Where Pop Artist meets the Indie Band

Are you into Pop or Alternative music? Social Media is so powerful indeed because came across with this band name #Red, think Maroon 5 meets One Direction. These group of young adults are friends & located in Northern Philippines in Baguio City, they got together & performed all over the place from school to radio show. It’s really interesting to hear an Original Pilipino Music called ‘Dalawa’ (Two) perfect for Telenovela. Red is currently working in the studio for upcoming international release under MGR Records.

Are you ready for another Pop Act? Guess What? met this talented individual from San Francisco Bay Area, think Bruno Mars meets Stevie Wonder. Finally listened to his music and was blown away with the amount of talent & and dedication of Rius, his definitely has come a long way. Performed all over the place from private functions to big venues. Watch out! for Rius Re-packaged Album & Live performance in your city.

For latest updates

Where blogging meets podcasting


Los Angeles Downtown
Downtown Los Angeles

From FarmVille in

Central Valley to Hollywood

Celebrating Season 1 Finale of #Blogtalk with #MJRacadio with Hollywood Journalist Janet Susan Rodriguez Nepales also a member of Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Celebrating Season 1 Finale of #Blogtalk with #MJRacadio with Hollywood Journalist Janet Susan Rodriguez Nepales also a member of Hollywood Foreign Press Association

America’s First Fil-Am Entertainment

Podcasting Show

Where Blogging meets Podcasting

#Blogtalk with #MJRacadio

It’s been 4 months of being a professional stalker lol! Let me tell you the real story behind #Blogtalk with #MJRacadio, it all started from recording blog diary because of boredom & needed to vent so to speak. It came to my attention, why don’t I create a show or invite influential people to inspire others through live interviews. Ironically, extremely surprised when all invitations were replied with big yes! do you wanna know my secret ? I just asked them that’s it!& the rest is history :-). Anyhow my sister said “Your #Blogtalk is interestingly funny”. Little did I know, this #Blogtalk is getting a lot buzz lately & couldn’t imagine the Hollywood Foreign Press Association member Janet Susan Rodriguez Nepales said “You’ve gone so far in a little time” as well as Emmy Nominated Producer of #TheTalk Marc Anthony Nicolas said “I like what your doing & wishing you nothing but success. Congrats! On your Season 2”. Still can’t believe that I went to Hollywood and celebrated Season 1 Finale of the show. Moving forward, Season 2 would be interesting one because of variety of influential people from Film Maker to Make-up Artist & Talent Manager to Interpreter. In addition, new logo will be up soon!, new give aways, and open for advertising because of its global appeal powered by Soundcloud it’s free from smartphones. Season 2 of #Blogtalk with #MJRacadio premiering September 07, 9PM PST/6PM EST


Exclusive Interview:

Clip Courtesy of Daily Motion