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A Little Show called #Blogtalk

December 18, 2014
By Mario G. Racadio Jr.

Hollywood Debut at #BloodRansom Red Carpet 10.28.14
Hollywood Debut at #BloodRansom Red Carpet 10.28.14

From Blog Diaries to Red Carpet in Hollywood
A true confessions of MJ Racadio

Part 1
A typical day, reading like a book worm and writing until my eyes turned red. This how I called it studying like no tomorrow. While in school for business, maintaining a good GPA was not a joke. Guess what? Drinking caffeine kept me awake or alert most of the time. The exciting and interesting part of the journey was writing and recording blog diaries to relieve stress kinda like a venting machine so to speak. Little did I know this confession turned into more serious matter.
Absolutely stunned, with the results of creating something bigger than I thought. Asked myself if can invite someone who are influential in any field, and interview them. Perhaps every audio recording serve as motivation or inspiration whomever can listen to my little podcasting. First ever episode focused on how to stay fit with special guest from Singapore her name was Charissa,(Fitness Mentor/Nurse) the feedback was good. Just kept going, invited more guests within a week of May this year. Most invitations obliged to be part of the show. Kinda overwhelmed with all the responses imagine influential people said yes to invitations in a matter of days or better in few hours.

From Broadway PR to Hollywood journalist, the producer of the Talk and Billboard Charts Producer. Decided to create a simple vision which is empower, inspire, and one person at a time. The most exciting part was meeting people whom I’ve interviewed. Kinda like a dream, first encounter with influential people in Hollywood was amazing experienced. In particular, Janet Nepales was warmed and very personable. We went to a coffee shop by Los Angeles Financial District, the funny part was when the barista misspelled her name to Shannon, we were laughing out loud. She said “Why you all dressed up” replied “I’m going to do some interview with you to celebrate Season 1 of #Blogtalk”. Told her would like to celebrate it with her. Surprisingly, toured me around downtown and took me to a very nice Italian Restaurant. The place packed with people, the hostess sat us down in her usual seating. Felt like I was a celebrity that day because Janet only interviews the biggest movie star on the planet. Spending time with her really made my show credibility went off the roof. After two months, Season 2 of #Blogtalk,

To be continued ………….

From Devoted Mother and Wife to Beauty Queen

Press Release
For Immediate Release
December 03, 2014
MGR Records: Discover the undiscovered

From Devoted Mother and Wife to Beauty Queen
Mrs. Asian Las Vegas 2014 releasing her own calendar and greetings card


Best in Ethic Gown: Filipiniana Designed by Gene Santos & Executed by McCoy Calantog Antiojo
Best in Ethic Gown: Filipiniana Designed by Gene Santos & Executed by McCoy Calantog Antiojo

Photo Credit: Ronald Marlon Udalve

By Mario G. Racadio Jr.

(Las Vegas, Nevada) When mentioning Padilla in the Philippines, one thing comes into mind which is showbiz royalty. A cousin of Zsa Zsa Padilla and her famous uncle Robin Padilla, the reigning Mrs. Asian Las Vegas 2014 Esmeralda Padilla-Gould caught by surprise with her new found fame, she has been very busy after winning that coveted crown, a first Filipino to do so. Recent high profile appearances in Hollywood such as Maxitone: Hollywood Make-Up Artist (Before & After: 50 Most Successful Filipina in the USA) Book, Kenneth Barlis Fashion Show, guest DJ in #BlogtalkwithMJRacadio with correspondent Mariebeth and able to asked questions to Angela Perez Baraquio ( Miss America 2001). Esmeralda releasing her own memorabilia calendar and greetings card on December 08, 2014 by Cafe Press wearing Filipiniana gown designed by Gene Santos and executed by McCoy Calantog Antiojo. It’s her way of raising funds for her outreach program helping less fortunate children in the Philippines.

How is life after winning Mrs. Asian Las Vegas 2014?
Life has been amazing! In my wildest dreams never would I have imagined entering a beauty pageant, but I know in my heart that I’ve always wanted to bring pride and prestige to my Padilla clan, and winning the title of Mrs. Asian Las Vegas 2014 made that dream a reality.

What is your goal during your reign?
I would like to leave a legacy of total wellness that is focused on education, entrepreneurship, personal-development, and environmental awareness to all the young Asian Americans and to the society as well.

Advice to mothers who wanted to join the pageant.
I would say go for it because you will never know what you could achieve if you don’t try. Get out of your shell to explore, dream, and discover.

What legacy you want to leave to young generation?
I want to set an example to a younger generation to get involved and reach for their dreams and try new things no matter how exotic their goals may appear at the time. To get involved in their community and help enhance people’s lives.

Do you have an outreach program?
I’ve always had the desire to do extraordinary things and having an outreach program is one of them. I’m currently helping less fortunate children in Balud, San Fernando, Cebu City through my feeding program. Eventually when I have enough funds, I would like to set up a scholarship program for deserving students and help single parents to have their own home-based business through my foundation. I’d like to be a beauty with a purpose during my reign as Mrs. Asian Las Vegas 2014.

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Limited Edition
Limited Edition