From Radio DJ to Billboard Hits Producer

Immediate Release
Press Release
January 18, 2015
By Mario G. Racadio Jr.

From Radio DJ to Billboard Hits Producer

Launching Rhythm 105.9 FM Top 40 mainstream as program director


(Hollywood, California)
Brothers, Sam Michaels and Dan
Mathews, make up the production duo known as KLUBJUMPERS.
Sam Michaels and Dan Mathews were both born in Orange County,
CA.KlubJumpers currently reside in San Antonio, Texas. Sam Michaels
started producing and remixing music in 1993. Dan Mathews’ music
career kicked off at Power 102 in El Paso, TX in 1991. Dan Mathews has
been DJing since the age of 15. This experience proved invaluable with
an insider view as to how the radio industry works. Although, Dan had
the love for radio, his heart belonged behind the scenes. Dan
Mathews realized the music industry was in need of top quality dance
music producers and decided to team up with none other than his brother,
Sam Michaels. KlubJumpers was then formed as a remixing/production team.

KlubJumpers is known as one of the hardest working artists in
the electronic music industry. Though Klubjumpers is known for their creative and talented dance tracks, they produce everything from
Pop to Dance Music.KlubJumpers have work with Jason Derulo, Madonna, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Danity Kane, Enrique Iglesias, Gloria
Estefan. Dan Mathews is currently on today’s leading internet radio
stations.You can also tune into Dan on, and,

KlubJumpers was nominated as Best Remixer in 2006 by the IDMA
(International Dance
Music Awards).

Recently interviewed Klubjumpers and let’s find out what their up to.

Can you please tell us how you and
your brother Sam got into doing
remixes and original productions?
It was back in 1993 when a friend of mine had took us to a recording studio and we were blown away in how they were making music. You know back then they were using analog mixing boards & keyboards Adats machine’s it was so fascinating that it was something we needed to be
doing. From there on we both team up to start KLUBJUMPERS and begin our original productions.

105.9 Rhythm FM Top 40 Hits
105.9 Rhythm FM Top 40 Hits

Heard that you manages several radio stations & also part of DJ
Yes I recently Got hired as Program director for Rhythm 105.9 FM Top 40 mainstream BDS station located in Yuba,Sacramento CA, I am also A DJ Times reporter for the top 25 charts on the magazine.

What is the process like to work in the studio with superstars. Recently, you did work for Fat Joe & Ricky Martin?
Well the process is pretty much simple we get a call from the A&R and usually ask if we would be interested in doing a remix for the artist ,Yes we recently did a remix for Breanna Rubio “Fly Alone” Ft. Fat Joe its already on the billboard top 15 charts, Ricky Martin was a collaboration with our partner DJ CUBANITO known as Alex Carmenates.

What advice can you give to a up & coming DJ?
I would say to just keep true to your sound and don’t try to be like every DJ or remixer out there try to be different come up with new ideas I think that’s what sets KlubJumpers apart from most of the DJ’s and Remixers out there is that we stick to what works for us and not try to copy anyone being original that’s the advice I would give to a new DJ/Producer.

Does technology, particularly the Internet has impact in the music
It really does have a great impact,with the Internet any one can
log on to any radio station from anywhere in the world,So it really plays a major part in the Music industry.

Any upcoming projects, what can we expect from you in 2015?
Sam Michaels and I have so many good things in
store for 2015.


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