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From Playing Piano to Disc Jockey

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March 10, 2015
By Mario G. Racadio Jr.

From Playing Piano to Disc Jockey
Reflecta will be on Air 9PM w/ Dan Mathews Show Mondays through Thursdays

Reflecta on Dan Mathews Show Mondays - Thursdays 9PM
Reflecta on Dan Mathews Show Mondays – Thursdays 9PM

 (San Antonio, Texas)
Where model meets DJ. A native of  San Jose, California.  Reflecta was influence in a such young tender age to piano lessons, performing arts,  modeling and even as disc jockey.  As teenager,  she was already recruited to perform in different venues as a DJ, the only girl in the team.  Despite the odds of male dominated industry, Reflecta never gave up on her dreams to be a DJ.

Reflecta  as a dancer, it opened doors for her as a DJ with Hot Import Nights and Hot Import Days. Opened up on the Pepsi, Mazda and XM stages – although she wasbarely 18 at the time, Reflecta says, “Learning consistency is key with creating brand as “Reflecta,”
just by observing the marketing tactics of these huge events because of internship at the radio station,  I  retained the image of a Hip Hop, R&B, and Top 40 DJ.”

Clearly known as the youngest female DJ in the Bay Area, times have changed and revealed that Hip Hop was never her main focus. Reflecta started in 98′ as a trance DJ and trickled on to playing House.  Reflecta says “I preferred with the movement of music but if I’m going to play it, I made a point to make sure my execution was flawless”

During hiatus period as DJ, she has work a regular 9-5 job but according to Reflecta, being a DJ was her calling.By 2008, she made  debut at Motif in Downtown San Jose. Ever since then, she performed in different venues such as Ruby Skye, Slide, The Cellar, Studio 8, Sabor, Qi Lounge, Milanos, Christys on the Square, The House of Blues in San Diego, San Jose Improv and a few others. In addition, was even able to land a short spot as Babe Blvd’s Official DJ.

Apart from Disc Jockey,  Reflecta was able to host an event for KTSF’s Asian American Heritage Day, as well as appearance online radio stations as a guest and host. Reflecta currently in process of learning the production world and  able to produce own remixes/songs and still able to entwine skills as a writer with a personality for broadcast. Tune In! To see what’s next for Reflecta.

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