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Where Alexander McQueen meets Dior

Where Alexander McQueen meets Dior

Designer from Pangasinan taking Fashion by Storm

by MJ Racadio

Recent Fashion Show in Manila.
Recent Fashion Show in Manila.

October 10, 2016 (Social Dragon PR). Who would have thought a young boy from Pangasinan (Villasis) making a name for himself in the world of fashion? His name is Glenn Gonzales and indeed taking fashion by storm. Gonzales jump-start his career from Project Runway Philippines to Celebrities on the red carpet. Let’s go back to the memory lane, Glenn as young designer, he strive to become a professional one. Fortunately, Project Runway Philippines open doors for him and the rest is history.

GCouture by Glenn Gonzales
GCouture by Glenn Gonzales

GCouture by Glenn Gonzales was born on January 2012, from designing couture gowns to men’s suit at his atelier. Ranging from wedding clients to celebrities like Snooky Serna, DJ Alvaro, and the sisters.

Picture of Glenn Gonzales with Snooky

Iconic Moviestar Snooky Serna the New Face of GCoutre by Glenn Gonzales.
Iconic Moviestar Snooky Serna the New Face of GCoutre by Glenn Gonzales.

Video of Snooky Serna making comments regarding the new Edgy Look collaboration of Glenn Gonzales.

Glenn said, “I wanted to continue the legacy of my Grandfather who is a bag designer from Iloilo”.

He will be embarking in another milestone of his career by showcasing new collection a combination of modern and classic designs in his upcoming fashion show on October 15-16, 4PM at SM Rosales in Pangasinan. According to Glenn, “to become patient in every details and don’t stop believing in yourself. Come out of your shell”.

GCouture by Glenn Gonzales Facebook

"Share moments. share #coffee".
“Share moments. share #coffee”.

75 Most Influential Filipino-Americans 2016


October 02, 2016 (Los Angeles, California). This month of October, celebrates the Filipino-American History month, therefore #BlogtalkwithMJRacadio (Season 6) recognizing the contributions of our fellow Fil-Ams in society. From #Hollywood to #TheWhiteHouse. Here are the following lists of  75 Most Influential Filipino-Americans who made it this year.

  1. Marc Anthony Nicolas (Emmy Award Winner producer of #TheTalk)
  2. Dr. Tess (America’s Favorite Dermatologist)
  3. Janet Nepales (Hollywood Journalist)
  4. Ruben Nepales (Hollywood Journalist)
  5. Fritz Friedman (Veteran Publicist of Sony Pictures)
  6. Elton Lugay (TOFA Pioneer)
  7. Hailee Steinfield (Oscar Nominated Actress)
  8. Michael Galante (Hollywood Actor)
  9. Lea Salonga (Tony Award Winner)
  10. Apl De Ap (Grammy Award Winner from Black Eyed Peas)
  11. Luis Pedron (IFFM Pioneer/Director)
  12. Bruno Mars (Grammy Award Winner)
  13. Jessica Sanchez (American Idol Runner-Up)
  14. Tia Carrere (Hollywood Triple Threat).
  15. Nicole Scherzinger (Recording Artist/Former Pussycat Dolls Lead Singer) 
  16. DJ QBert (America’s Best DJ 2010/Scratch University)
  17. Ronnie Del Carmen (Inside Out Co-Director)
  18. Monique Lhullier (Fashion Designer)
  19. Filipino American Symphony Orchestra (FASO)
  20. Vanessa Hudgens (Hollywood Actress)
  21. Cristeta Comeford (The White House Head Chef)
  22. Ted Benito (Concert Producer)
  23. G Tongi (Producer/Host of Kababayan Today.
  24. Emma Tiebens (Bestseller Author)
  25. Jess Espaniola (Emmy Award-Winning Animator)
  26. Denise Dador (News Anchor)
  27. Cher Calvin (Emmy Award Winning Anchor Los Angeles)
  28. Dante Basco (Hollywood Actor)
  29. Jose Llana (Broadway Actor)
  30. Rex Navarette (Stand-Up Comedian)
  31. Sonia Bermijo (Manila-Up Publisher)
  32. Andy Edralin (President of Fil-Am Press Club of California)
  33. Gherald Alaman (Talent and Skills/Entrepreneur)
  34. Allan Del Rosario (Hollywood Fashion Designer)
  35. Kenneth Barlis (Hollywood Fashion Designer)
  36. Oliver Tolentino (Hollywood Fashion Designer)
  37. Pauline Wilson (Grammy Award Winning Recording Artist)
  38. Abe Pagtama (Actor/Director)
  39. Mildred Deang (Beauty Pagent Producer)
  40. Kevin Nadal (Author)
  41. Elaine Quijano (Emmy Award Winning Anchor)
  42. RD Alba (Award Winning Director)
  43. Gel Santos Relos (Balitang America Host)
  44. Yong Chavez (Hollywood Reporter) 
  45. Steve Angeles (News Reporter)
  46. Tony Cabrera (Fox Anchor)
  47. Eric G (R&B Internaional Star)
  48. Kirsten Regalado (Hollywood Fashion Designer)
  49. Kulintronica (Filipino Culture Artist)
  50. AJ Rafael (Youtube Superstar/Songwriter)
  51. FilHarmonic (Acapella Singing Group)
  52. Thelma Calabio (Fil-Am Press Club of Califonia Founder)
  53. Angela Perez Baraquio-Grey (Miss America 2001/School Principal)
  54. Martin Nievera (Concert King)
  55. Michael Paulo (Jazz Saxophonist)
  56. Monet Lu (Salon Owner/Stylist)
  57. Oliver Carnay (Publicist)
  58. Joey Galon (Hollywood Fashion Designer)
  59. Sheila Vidamo-Vertuno (Fashion Blogger/Fashionista)
  60. Leilanie Arellano (Outreach Advocate)
  61. Sthanlee Mirador (Hollywood Celebrity Photographer)
  62. Annie Nepomuceno (Artist/Producer)
  63. Sonia Delen (Apl De Ap Foundation)
  64. Lou Razon (Fashion Designer)
  65. Lydia Neff (iHeart Media)
  66. Charmaine Rodriguez (Couture Designer)
  67. Dado Banatao (Creator of PhilDev)
  68. Gini Cruz Santos (Pixar Animator, Finding Dory)
  69. Anthony Buncio (Hollywood TV Producer)
  70. Rob Banta (Public Servant)
  71. Peterson Gonzaga (Pacific Rim Video)
  72. Robert ‘Bobby’ Murphy (Snapchat Co-Creator/One of the Youngest Billionaires)
  73. Stephanie Reese (International Recording Artist/Songwriter)
  74. Kathy Miclat Marino (OC Fashion Week President)
  75. JB Adkins (Publicist/Writer)

Congratulations! Mabuhay!