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Blogtalk goes techy: Forcepoint– protecting the human point

#Forcepoint- protecting the human point.
#Forcepoint- protecting the human point.

Blogtalk goes techy: Forcepoint– protecting the human point.

By June Hebrew

September 27, 2017, (Quezon City, Philippines FORCEPOINT – Protecting the Human Point.

Once online, always online or so it’s said.

I’ve had the privilege to sit down as a panel in a tech event with Force Point as the resource organization. Cybersecurity has long been a concern not just abroad but also here in the Philippines. I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Force Point’s Chief Technology Officer, Nicolas Fischbach, and its Regional Manager, Ben Tan.

Left, Ben Tan (Regional Manager), Right, Mr. Nicolas Fischbach. After the successful roundtable discussions with the media/press.
Photo Credit: Roselle Tee

During the round table discussion, they provided insights about the importance of cybersecurity. The Philippines is slowly progressing in terms of being able to establish cybersecurity measures in its government agencies. Likewise, many companies in the private sector has not fully appreciated the importance of cybersecurity. Thus, it’s the mission of Force Point to educate the public and private sectors here in the Philippines to establish cybersecurity measures as part of their technology.

During the media roundtable discussions.
Photo Credit: MJ Racadio

No one is exempted from a cyber-attack which could result to leak or loss of relevant data.

Even with varying industry requirements and changing technological capabilities, protecting data and intellectual property is the top priority across the board. Forcepoint offers a range of products that help secure your organization at the human point.

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I found my heart in Santa Fe stole my heart

[09.09.17] Special Film Screening Premiere of I found my heart in Santa Fe at Cinema 2, The Block (SM North EDSA) #HeartinSantaFe. Photo Credit: Earl Castillo
I found my heart in Santa Fe stole my heart

By MJ Racadio

September 13, 2017, (Quezon City, Philippines)
Have you ever been in love or broken hearted? This new film I found my heart in Santa Fe stole my heart. First, the movie setting was like a paradise, a perfect beach made in heaven. The plot where Viktor played by Will Devaughn finding his way to Santa Fe searching for his mother, all of a sudden, he couldn’t find a place to stay and end-up staying at the guard house. The next day, Viktor met Jennifer played by Roxanne Barcelo, who is snotty and uptight daughter of the resort owner. The conflict started the day Viktor met Jennifer. The story evolve with the two characters from longing to meet a love ones and waiting for the right one. A heart warming film with some twist and tear jerker moments. On the lighter note, the supporting roles made this film exciting with superb delivery of their characters with sense of humor. In terms of cinematography, the beautiful aerial views caught my eye and ready to visit this paradise.

Roxanne Barceno’s Interview

Will Devaughn’s Interview

Press Conference

with Director Bona Fajardo

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I Found My Heart In Santa Fe
In Selected Cinemas on Sept. 15 -22, 2017 #CineLokal#HeartinSantaFe #WilRox

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