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Through a Writer’s Lens

Through a Writer’s Lens by Ruben V. Nepales
Ruben V. Nepales, Author of Through a Writer’s Lens and Award-Winning Hollywood photojournalist

Award-winning Hollywood photojournalist Ruben V. Nepales releases coffee table book of his photos of stars

Award-winning Hollywood photojournalist Ruben V. Nepales has released “Through a Writer’s Lens,” a stunning coffee table book of more than 1,000 photos of stars that he took in almost two decades.

“Through a Writer’s Lens,” a 260-page hardbound compilation of Nepales’ often candid, refreshing snapshots of the Hollywood stars he has interviewed, is a beautiful 12” x 14” book that is bound to be a collector’s item.

Based in Los Angeles, Nepales won honors from the National Entertainment Journalism Awards and the Southern California Journalism Awards, both presented by the Los Angeles Press Club.

Variety editor Tim Gray praised “Through a Writer’s Lens”: “Ruben Nepales is smart, has great taste, and observes things that most people overlook. These qualities make him a good photojournalist and they make this book so great.”

Rito Asilo, entertainment editor of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, where Nepales’ popular column, “Only IN Hollywood,” ran for 15 years, also hailed “Through a Writer’s Lens”: “It is with great pleasure that I welcome Ruben’s coffee table book, a visual tome of sorts, featuring stellar Hollywood talents he interviewed over the years, from Meryl Streep and Tom Cruise to Al Pacino and Steven Spielberg…If you read his interviews often enough (as you should), you’ll soon realize that one is truly made more satisfying by the other. Suffice it to say that his words go hand in hand with his photographs.”

Bessie Badilla, the book’s publisher, cited why she encouraged Nepales to share his photos of stars, many of which appeared in his column. But majority of the photos featured in the special book are published for the first time.

“When I saw Ruben’s photos for his column on the Philippine Daily Inquirer, they made me want to read his latest column right away,” Badilla said. “His photos made me curious. They have the ability to make you want to ‘get to know’ more the celebrities that he features.”

The publisher added, “It was Ruben’s photo of Sarah Jessica Parker that got me thinking he has a special talent! It was the best photograph of Ms. Parker I’ve ever seen. Ruben has the eye for capturing his subject’s best angle and he also has perfect timing.

“During one of our dinners in New York with his wife Janet, I asked Ruben if I could publish a coffee table book of his photographs that he’s been taking for many years. I’m so happy he agreed because this collaboration was a joy to make and will be equally enjoyable to all the book’s readers.”

Each of the 200-plus top and beloved talents, from Angelina Jolie, Oprah Winfrey, Sandra Oh, Jennifer Lopez, Kristen Stewart, Darren Criss to Robert Pattinson, included in the tome has an interesting, memorable quote culled from the photojournalist’s columns of these stars. Some of the quotes were also culled from Nepales’ monthly Hollywood feature on Smile Magazine, Cebu Pacific Air’s inflight magazine.

Badilla also said, “ ‘Through a Writer’s Lens’ will give readers an intimate date with each of the more than 200 talents and celebrities featured in the book. Readers will enjoy many never-before-seen candid shots of their favorite stars while reading these stars’ quotes that give you personal insights on their lives, struggles, pain, fame, triumphs and loves.”

“Through a Writer’s Lens” is Nepales’ second book, following his 2012 book, “My Filipino Connection: The Philippines in Hollywood,” which won in the print journalism – book category of the Migration Advocacy and Media Awards presented by the Office of the President of the Philippines’ Commission on Filipinos Overseas.

Nepales is the first Filipino to be elected to membership in the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), the association of international journalists which votes on and presents the Golden Globe Awards. Nepales served for many years as a board member of the HFPA, which is one of the biggest philanthropic organizations in Hollywood (it has donated more than $44 million in the past 31 years to entertainment-related charities, scholarships and grants).

In 2012, Nepales became the first Filipino to be elected as chairman of the board of the HFPA. In June 2019, the photojournalist was elected executive secretary of the HFPA. He was the managing editor of a special anniversary commemorative book, “Hollywood Foreign Press Association: A History (75 Years of the Golden Globe Awards).”

In August, Rappler, the Philippines’ leading news website, became the exciting new home of Nepales’ beloved column, “Only IN Hollywood.”

The University of Santo Tomas (Manila) alumnus also serves on the board of directors of the Filipino American Symphony Orchestra (FASO), the only Filipino symphony orchestra outside of the Philippines.

Special, limited edition hardbound copies of “Through a Writer’s Lens” are available at $125 plus $10 for shipping and handling; in the Philippines, ₱6,000 plus ₱200 for shipping and handling. To order, send a message to:

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Highly Anticipated Season 13 Kick-off Episode of Blogtalk

Highly anticipated Season 13 Kick-off 

New Episodes of Blogtalk Hollywood: Stories of hard-work, inspiration, and success 

By MJ Racadio

(Los Angeles, California, November 16, 2020). After several months of hiatus, the highly anticipated Season 13 kick-off of Blogtalk with MJ Racadio with new segments of Blogtalk Hollywood, America’s first Fil-Am Hollywood entertainment podcasting show will be on iTunes, Spotify and other major podcast platforms this Friday November 20, 2020. The kick-off episode, an interview with Ruben and Janet Nepales, Hollywood power-couple, who are both members of Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and executive producers of Golden Globe Awards 2020. What is going on in the film industry? Can Golden Globe Awards will roll-out the red carpet on February 2021? Tune in! for answers this Friday. Plus Ruben will reveal his biggest project to date.

Another historical moment for Filipino-Americans because Yellow Rose has been distributed by Sony Pictures early October this year. Who is the director behind it? None other than, Diane Paragas, an award-winning Director. What inspired her to work on Yellow Rose? Tune in! this Friday for a double episodes. 

About Diane Paragas 

Diane Paragas is an award-winning director, editor, cinematographer and

producer of commercials, narrative features and documentaries. She owns

and operates Civilian Studios a Brooklyn based production company.

She is most known for her documentary, Brooklyn Boheme, a feature-

length documentary about an African American arts movement that she

made in tandem with writer and critic Nelson George featuring Spike Lee,

Chris Rock and Rosie Perez to name a few. After being the first documentary to open the Urbanworld Film Festival, the film was acquired by Showtime and went on to win the Black Reel Award for Best Documentary. Paragas just completed a narrative feature film, Yellow Rose, about an undocumented Filipino-American teen pursuing a dream to become a country music singer. The film won the Cinematografo Originals Grant and the NYWIFT Ravenal Production Grant. She is also in pre-production for a bold feature documentary about a wrongfully convicted illegal immigrant.

Blogtalk with MJ Racadio

Spotlight is On!

Immediate Release

Spotlight is On!

(Orange County, CA. October 01, 2020) A new multi-faceted Asian-American lifestyle magazine is conquering the internet on October 2!

Spotlight Media Magazine will feature the latest scoops in technology, health & wellness, travel, business, fashion, beauty, food, and celebrities.

The magazine launch stems up from a long-time dream and aspirations of “Ms. M” –Pen de Leon-Manahan, a Fil-Am leader, restaurateur, entrepreneur, concerts and events management company owner; also known for her excellent sense of style, for being forward-thinking, and her passion for discovering and telling different stories about exciting places, people and events in all walks of life.

Photo Courtesy of Ms. M

“Everything is now online, and we all operate with high-tech devices, so we decided to make our publication digital. This magazine is not only for women but for all genders. We feature human interest stories on health and wellness, family, love, travel. It’s quite comprehensive and covers a wide range of topics. Whatever the readers want to read in a magazine can be scrolled online via their phone devices or laptops.  It’s a virtual magazine. Since it is online, it is accessible globally 24/7.” -Ms. M.  Watch for the launching this October 2020!

Just like Ms. M, there are many things to watch out for as a new page in her life unfolds! We can only hope for the best! Get ready to be on the SPOTLIGHT!

To get a sneak peek, visit their official website

Media Contact:

MJ Racadio


World Premiere of The Blogger (The MJ Racadio Documentary)

Premieres this Weekend on BlogTalk with MJRacadio Facebook Page and Sine Abreño #BlogtalkwithMJRacadio

 Youtube Channel——–>

July 11 at 10PM (Los Angeles Time)
July 12 at 1PM (Manila Time)

Social Dragon PR presents #TheBlogger #MJRacadioDocumentary written and directed by Dexter Macaraeg (Internationally-Acclaimed Director). Who is MJ Racadio? From small-town boy in #VillasisPangasinan (Philippines) to #HollywoodPodcaster/

#HollywoodVlogger/ Red Carpet Correspondent.

International Film Festival Pioneer Visiting Manila

Immediate Release
Press Release

International Film Festival Pioneer Visiting Manila

Film Maker/Actor. Founder of International Film Festival Manhattan.
Film Maker/Actor. Founder of International Film Festival Manhattan.

Luis Pedron
Interview with DJ Apple of #PinasFM

by MJ Racadio

April 13, 2016 (Social Dragon PR) Quezon City, Philippines. Pedron arrived in the Philippines for speaking engagements about Film-Making and consulting projects. Luis Pedron making rounds of interviews from Magandang Umaga po! to 95.5 Pinas FM. Luis Pedron is the Festival Manager of the Viva Latino International Film Festival NY 2015 and 2016. In the past Luis  was the Programmerfor the Soho International Film Festival 2010 and 2011, Festival Director for the Asians on Film Festival in North Hollywood CA 2013, Festival Director for the One FILAM Film Festival Hollywood CA 2013.

Luis Pedron is currently the Co-Founder/Festival Director and Programmer of the International Film Festival Manhattan now on it’s 6th Year. IFFM showcases Asian, Latino, New York and International filmmakers that reflect the change that we see in America and the world today. His advocacy is to help film-makers from around the world to showcase different genres of films during the Film Festivals on October 20-23, 2016. For submissions visit

Where Hollywood Journalists meets The Hollywood Actor plus Kulintronica

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Press Release

Media Contact:

By MJ Racadio and Gherald Alaman

From Left John Singson, Janet R. Nepales and Ruben V. Nepales. Photo Credit: Diosdado Carreon
From Left John Singson, Janet R. Nepales and Ruben V. Nepales. Photo Credit: Diosdado Carreon

Hollywood, CA (Social Dragon PR) October, 2015. Tune in this Sunday, October 4, 2015 7PM PST / 10PM EST to the first episode of Season 5 of Blogtalk with MJRacadio on featuring Janet R. Nepales & Ruben Nepales (Both members of the Hollywood Foreign Press), and Hollywood Actor Michael Galante. In addition, Kulintronica’s  ‘Til the Break of Gong’ Album Release Party Press Coverage by Micah Dela Cruz (a.k.a. DJ MD) in San Francisco, California.

with Janet R. Nepales (Hollywood Jourmalist) after her interview
with Janet R. Nepales (Hollywood Jourmalist) after her interview. Photo Credit: John Singson

Let’s meet two dynamic duos of the Hollywood Foreign Press. First, meet Janet R. Nepales. As a matter of fact, Janet is the first and only Pinay in the “Hollywood Foreign Press.” In 2012 and 2013, she is one of 100 Most Influential Filipina Women in the World by the Filipina Women’s Network. Recently, LA Press Club’s Journalism Award ranked her 2nd Place for Best Columnist/Critic 2 years in a row (2014 & 2013) and 4th place in 2012. There are other awards that she has won.

Interviewing Ruben V. Nepales (Former Chairman of Hollywood Foreign Press Association 2013) Photo Credit: John Singson
Interviewing Ruben V. Nepales (Former Chairman of Hollywood Foreign Press Association 2013) Photo Credit: John Singson

Similar to his counterpart, Ruben Nepales has skills in Journalism too. Ruben is also a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press and former chairman in 2013. He has won two awards from the National Entertainment Journalism Awards: Third Prize for best book, Anvil Publishing Company’s “My Filipino Connection: The Philippines in Hollywood,” and third prize for best column, “Only in Hollywood.”

Overall, Janet and Ruben Nepales are a dynamic duo when it comes to writing in Hollywood.

Michael Galante (Award Winning Actor)
Michael Galante (Award Winning Actor)

Michael Galante Guest Star on ABC's Baby Daddy
Michael Galante Guest Star on ABC’s Baby Daddy

Finally, let’s meet Michael Galante. Galante is a SAG-AFTRA Hollywood Actor. He is known for winning Best Supporting Actor in “Boy Meet Girl” at the “San Diego Film Festival 2014.” In addition, he also won Best Supporting Actor in “HypeBeasts Best Supporting” at the “Asians on Film Festival 2014.” Furthermore, he has landed the lead role in 8 Films that have been accepted to Film Festivals or have won awards nationwide and guest star in ‘Baby Daddy’ on ABC. All in all, Michael Galante will turn your film into a success. Plus Kulintronica’s Album Release Party press coverage by DJ MD.

Kulintronica's Album Release Party 'Til The Break of Gong' at Somar in Oakland. Press Coverage by Micah DC (DJ MD) Photo Credit: Glenn Dela Cruz
Kulintronica’s Album Release Party ‘Til The Break of Gong’ at Somar in Oakland. Press Coverage by Micah DC (DJ MD) Photo Credit: Glenn Dela Cruz

Ron Quesada of Kulintronica on Center Stage during 'Til the Break of Gong' Album Release Party. Photo Credit: Micah Dela Cruz
Ron Quesada of Kulintronica performing Center Stage during ‘Til the Break of Gong’ Album Release Party on Sept. 26 at Somar Oakland,CA. Photo Credit: Micah Dela Cruz

Get to know these Hollywood icons by tuning into the premier of Season 5, this Sunday, October 4, 2015 from 7PM PST / 10PM EST to Blogtalk with MJRacadio powered by Sound Cloud


Janet Nepales

Ruben Nepales

Michael Galante


For all your Real Estate needs call John Singson.
For all your Real Estate needs call John Singson.

"Public Relations for Film, Music, TV, Fashion, Arts & Culture"
“Public Relations for Film, Music, TV, Fashion, Arts & Culture”

Where Solar Champion meets Karate Kid

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Press Release

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by Gheral Alaman of Talent and Skills

Hollywood CA (Social Dragon PR) June 26, 2015

Don’t miss out on this special episode on Blogtalk with MJ Racadio, Sunday June 28, 2015 7PM PST/10PM EST Three talented people in the entertainment industry will be on the show.

Film Maker/Actor. Founder of International Film Festival Manhattan.
Luis Pedron: Film Maker/Actor. Founder of International Film Festival Manhattan.

First, meet Luis Pedron, a filmmaker, producer, and an actor, who co-founded one of the hottest film festivals in New York City, The International Film Festival Manhattan and Asians on Film Festival. Some of Pedron’s notables include receiving the Best Directing award and Best Documentary Video at the NYIIFVF for his film “VIP Very Important Pinoys” and his last short film, “Party Games” won “Best Director Award.” Most notably, he is the producer for the Solar Champion Movie.

DJ/Producer from Madrid,  Spain
DJ/Producer from Madrid, Spain

Next, meet Loui Fernandez, a DJ and Producer from Madrid, Spain. Fernandez has spun at several hot parties and venues in Spain, such as Fabrik, Pagoa, Mark Aldany. In addition, he spun with several top artists Ricardo Villalobos, Carl Cox, Luciano and others. Furthermore, Fernandez has worked on several music labels such as KMS Records, Nervous Records, Frequenza Records, Ametist Records, and several others.

Tamlyn Tomita: Hollywood Actress- from Karate Kid to The Day After Tomorrow.
Tamlyn Tomita: Hollywood Actress- from Karate Kid to The Day After Tomorrow.

Last, but not least, on this episode, meet Tamlyn Tomita , a Japanese-born American Actress and singer. Tomita made her screen debut in The Karate Kid, Part II, as Kumiko. Later, she landed supporting roles in several top films such as Joy Luck Club, Come See the Paradise, Picture Bride and other films. Moreover, she had recurring roles on popular day time soaps, such as Santa Barbara, General Hospital, and Days of our lives. Also, Tomita was featured in People Magazine.

Overall, don’t miss out on this episode. Tune into Blogtalk with MJ Racadio Sunday Jun 28 , 7PM PST/10PM EST

Luis Pedron

Loui Fernandez

Tamlyn Tomita,,20063421,00.html

"Public Relations for Film, Music, TV, Fashion, Arts & Culture"
“Public Relations for Film, Music, TV, Fashion, Arts & Culture”