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Who is Mikki Sachiko? Her inspiring advocacy

“The Beginning is always today.” – Mary Shelly, Author of the classic novel ‘Frankenstein.’

by Mark Daniels

Mikki Sachiko (TV Host/Voice Talent/Brand Ambassador/Entrepreneur) Photo Credit: Ryan Aguas

One woman who is living that quote and now inspiring so many by her own personal journey and example, is Mikki Sachiko.
I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Mikki.
When I asked her for what advice she would give to someone who feels they are not ready to take on a new personal goal, Mikki has this to say:
“Start before you are ready and just figure it out as you go. Figure it out while you are on the journey.
That’s when you will be ready.
You receive your certification during the process “

Mikki Sachiko’s Voice-Over Portfolio

Born in the Philippines, Mikki Sachiko is a woman who wears many hats in her professional life.
Mikki is a TV & event host and emcee, actress, screen voice talent, and model.
She has been the creative consultant for many different brands and companies for over 9 years.
Mikki is also the podcast host and creator of the motivational podcast “Wellnessible.”
Mikki was listed in the Top 100 Filipinos to Follow in 2019 according to Linked-in for inspiration and learning.
Here is the rest of my interview with Mikki Sachiko.

What lead you or motivated you to create a Podcast on the specific subject of Wellnessible?

“Statistically speaking, in the Philippines it is known that many people do not lead a healthy lifestyle. There are many health issues and habits such as eating junk food or lack of exercise. I also looked at my own family, my dad and my uncle, who were suffering from their own lifestyle choices, which impacted them in a negative way.”

Mikki what is your definition of Wellnessible?
“Wellnessible, meaning that wellness is possible. Some people may think that wellness is not or has not been possible for them. But I am a cup is half full instead of a cup is half empty person. I show that yes, wellness in either your physical and emotional health is possible.”

Did you have others who showed you negativity or perhaps well meaning friends and family who had different ideas of what you should do?

“Yes definitely. I’ve had some business partners when we were 1st starting out that wanted to do a complete pivot, like a 360 degree pivot of what my mission is, of what the vision I conceived for Wellnessible.
I tried to be open minded, and said ok, lets do that.
But during the process I was like wait a second this is totally not what the ‘Wellness is possible’ goal is anymore, and we had to go separate ways as friends.
You have to be really conscious of selecting people that will join you in your mission.
They have to really be on the same page with you.
I advise that if people encounter other people that are not so into your vision or are putting you down, then you should detach yourself from those people.”

Did you yourself ever have a moment when you felt that things seemed too hard, or you felt frustrated and you wanted to give up, or you wanted to go back to your 9-5 work routine?
If so, what advice did you follow to overcome that?

“I love that question. Yes. In the 1st year there were times I was like ‘What?? This is the wrong thing that I’ve done doing this freelancing. This is crazy!!’
From a financial standpoint freelancing is not sustainable unless you have a strategy.
So I was doing a lot of research, really studying what should I do.
You really create a strategy for yourself.
For me, what I did, I had to balance the start up, the podcast and then have something where I am earning money.
So you have to balance it all and not just put all of your energy in one basket.
Because obviously you need money.
The strategy that I created was that I accept a lot of projects.

I network with a lot of people (both in the Philippines and in the USA) and that is why I still get consulting clients, I get creative projects for modeling, writing, screen voice overs, acting and for the TV show that we will be having.
I realize that the Podcast and the Wellness APP that I am developing is not sustainable yet.
So again, you have to have a strategy.”

Photo Courtesy of Mikki Sachiko

In your 2nd and 3rd episodes of your Wellnessible Podcast, you touch on the subject of Branding.
Some may feel branding is only for companies or products.
How important is branding for individuals?

“It is very important because nowadays, social media is an overly saturated platform.
You need to find ways to really stand out, and the best way, the #1 way to do that is to having your own personal brand.
So that is why it is not just for products, it’s not just for companies, its for individuals regardless if they are working professionals or entrepreneurs.
As a matter of fact I see a lot of 9-5 people who are hustling through their personal branding on top of their office job, because they know that if in case their 9-5 job did not work, at least they have their own platform all ready and can rely on that for having some projects on the side.”

Mikki, based on all that you have accomplished, and all you have personally learned up to this point, what advice do you have for anyone reading this article to help them overcome disappointments, roadblocks, negativity or challenges as they go through their own journey?

“The # 1 advice I would give to people who have dreams or have goals is to never give up.
It is the common denominator for everyone, regardless if they are already successful or not, to be encountering so many roadblocks and so many hardships at some point in time because life is really full of ups and downs.
So the secret is to never give up.
You will wake up one day, and you have not given up, and you will have already reached the final goal that you wanted, and then you can go work on another goal after that.”

Mikki is there something you would like to share on a subject that is near and dear to your heart, something that is important to you that you want people to know about?

“Yes sure. I want to highlight more on wellness.
Wellness really has a huge impact on a persons future.
I will always tell someone regardless if it’s on camera or not, do something that your future self will thank you for.
And the best way to do that is to really invest in your health.
Don’t just go into any fad diet because you’ve seen it on social media.
You have to really invest in who you are, listening to your body, and finding the best ways to get healthy and get fit because it will have a great return eventually.
When you are healthier you get better in meeting your goals and your dreams.”

Wellnessible Hosted by Mikki Sachiko

To learn more about Mikki Sachiko, Wellnessible, and how you can live a healthier lifestyle, as well to be inspired and motivated to follow your own dreams and goals, listen to Mikki on her Podcast where she features many inspirational guests.

Her Podcast link is: #podcast #Wellnessible

You can also receive health email letters, wellness updates and giveaways by joining Mikki’s Wellnessible community on her website: #community

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When Celebrity Beauty Expert meets Miss Universe

Ms. O with Pia Wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015) Photo Credit: Sthanlee Mirador

When Celebrity Beauty Expert meets Miss Universe

by MJ Racadio

Los Angeles, California (September 05, 2018) When it comes to beauty there is one name who stands out, her name is Olivia Quido-Co also known as Ms. O, a celebrity beauty expert from Los Angeles, California. Her impressive lists of clientele include Pia Wurtzbach, (Miss Universe 2015), Ruffa Gutierrez, (Moviestar/Host/Model) and KC Concepcion (Actress, Singer/Model), Megan Young (Miss World 2013), Boy Abunda (Asia’s King of Talk) and so on. I had a chance to meet Ms. O in person during Summer Beauty Bonanza last July 20, 2018 in Daly City, California along with her brand ambassadors, Pia Wurtzbach and Daniel Matsunaga.

Celebrity Clientele
Daniel Matsunaga (Brazilian Model/Actor) and Pia Wurtzbach. Photo Credit: From O Skin Care Facebook Page.

Ms. O and Pia Wurtzbach (Miss Universe 2015). Photo Credit: MJ Racadio


Ms. O was talking, Pia Wurtzbach, Right, Daniel Matsunaga.

#BlogtalkWellness for #BlogtalkwithMJRacadio Season 9

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Getting-to-know the real Ms.O, recently interviewed via over the phone. Let’s find out.

MJ: Who is Ms. O as a person?

Ms. O: I’m a fun person, God fearing, I love people and passionate about making people look good.

MJ: What are your hobbies?

Ms. O: I love playing the piano, arts and crafts, actually that’s my favorite bonding-time with my daughter and I love watching concerts.

According to Ms. O, she plays the piano by ear and does not have not any formal training in music. “I listen to the music and then I play it right away.”

MJ: What inspired you to become a beauty-expert?

Ms. O– First, “I studied computer programming in De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, Business Administration major in computer application. In addition, I designed the computer system of the business to become paperless. Since I arrived in States, wanted to follow my passion in facial because I love people and helping them to look beautiful.” Unfortunately,  Ms. O realized that computer programming was not her passion.

Apart from her passion, running a spa was quite challenging especially in exceeding client’s expectation. For example, her clients stated “Ms. O I would like to look 10-15 years younger”. Ms. O said “I am blessed with a good team and it’s hard to find trained and experienced aesthetician and it would take a year or two in becoming an expert so I dedicate my time to train them” In a nutshell, once the team is ready he or she can do the O signature facial.”

Celebrity Clientele

Her advice to follow her footsteps, “if you like skin care so can follow your passion and do something to help many people. For example giving treatment, healing their acne and it boost their self-confidence and always put God’s first in everything that you do, so your plan will succeed.”

Ms. O– I want people to see my fun side. Usually, I’m very professional and love going out with my family and blessed with four beautiful children and a very nice husband. I want my clients to be my friends and I do not want just a client. I want them to be part of the family. I am so happy with my team and doing skin care for 15 years. I am very grateful to my clientele not only as client but good friendship.

Left, MB Racadio (Blogtalk Producer), Ms. O (Celebrity Beauty Expert) and yours truly, The Blogger.

Beauty Talk