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Where Grammy Winner meets The Jazz Artists

After the 1st Asian Jazz Festival with Pauline Wilson (Grammy Award Winning Artist of Seawind) Photo Credit: Andy Edralin
After the 1st Asian Jazz Festival with Pauline Wilson (Grammy Award Winning Artist of Seawind) Photo Credit: Andy Edralin

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Hollywood CA (Social Dragon PR) July 17, 2015. This weeks episode features Grammy Award Winner Pauline Wilson (Seawind), Louie Reyes (Legendary Pop Icon in the Philippines), Ner De Leon (Saxophonist) Tateng & Boy Katindig (Jazz Prodigy). Tune in Sunday, July 19th at 7PM PST/10 EST to Blogtalk with MJ Racadio http://mranow.co

Born and raised in Hawaii, Pauline Wilson is an American Jazz singer. Wilson was the lead vocalist in the group Seawind from the 1970’s to the early 80’s. In addition, she won a Grammy Award for Best Recording Children in 1979 for her duet “Friends”, with George Benson. Furthermore, she has also released several other solo albums, a duo album with Bob Wilson, and has toured with several other bands in the US, the Philippines, and other Asian countries.

louie reyes
with Legendary Louie Reyes

Secondly, meet legendary pop icon, Louie Reyes. Reyes is best known as one of the new Minstrels. A Trio who performed in front of Filipino and foreign audiences. Also, Two of her famous songs was in the Metro Manila Popular Music Festival, “Nothing I want more” and “Falling in Love Again” with Eugene Villaluz.

with Ner De Leon (Saxophonist)
with Ner De Leon (Saxophonist)

Thirdly, meet Ner De Leon, a musician, an artist, and a record producer. Most notably, De Leon is a Contemporary Jazz Saxophonist. He has released three albums and collaborated with other established artists such as Sheryn Regis, Cherice Pempengco, Marco Sison, etc…More importantly, He is one of the first Filipino-American to perform in the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, California. Not to mention, De Leon was one of the Featured artists for Gentlemen of Jazz in the Jazzmopolitan concert.

Tateng Katindig (Jazz Prodigy)
Tateng Katindig (Jazz Prodigy)
Boy Katindig (Jazz Pianist)
Boy Katindig (Jazz Pianist)

Last but not least, meet Tateng & Boy Katindig. The sons of legendary saxophonist, Eddie Katindig.

Tateng and Boy inherited their musical chops from their father. Both are considered Jazz prodigies. Tateng is considered one of the best pianists in Las Vegas with his trio. Moreover, Boy is an established drummer for an international cruise ship. In their own rights, they all made a name for themselves, including their brother Henry.

Get to know all 5 of these talented artists on Blogtalk with MJ Racadio Sunday, July 19th at 7PM PST/10 EST http://mranow.co

Pauline Wilson


Louie Reyes


Ner De Leon


Tateng & Boy Katindig


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