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5 Things to Prep for Hollywood Red Carpet Ready Look with #theBlogger

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5 Things to do for Hollywood Red Carpet Ready Look with #theBlogger

by MJ Racadio

Getting ready for Hollywood Red Carpet seems easy to do than you think. First, decide what you are going to be your look, therefore find a reputable salon or barber shop. Second, if you wanna look fresh and aiming for glowing skin, find a licenced aesthetician in your area and make sure asked for services that does not make your skin red after the facial. Third, search for experienced stylist, he or she can do the magic including the concept of your look such make-up and hairstyle. Fourth, if you are planning to wear a couture, make sure to double check if you already gained weight so you can make a necessary adjustment and alteration. Last, the final touch can be done by adding accessories such jewelries, ties and bling-bling. The following are #TheBlogger’s Choice places to get ready for the big events.

  1. Haircut 
  2. Facial
  3. Stylist
  4. Couture
  5. Final Touch/Look

Haircut- Southern Exposure with Brianna

Facial- O Skincare Med Spa with Marie

with Marie of O Skin Care Med Spa


StylistVenus Salon with Ojie Leona

Men’s Couture by John Ablaza

The Blogger on the Red Carpet at Metro FW

Photo Credit: Priscilla Marte

Final Touch/Look- Stylist Ojie Leona

Accessory by John Ablaza

with Ojie Leona

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O Skincare Med Spa

Ojie Leona Venus Salon

Where Hollywood Couture meets Filipiniana

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Press Release

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by MJ Racadio & Gherald Alaman of Talent and Skills


Where Hollywood Couture meets Filipiniana

Alexis Monsanto after his Fashion Show.
Alexis Monsanto after his Fashion Show.
with Alexis Monsanto after his interview
with Alexis Monsanto after his interview
Kirsten Regalado (Celebrity Fashion Designer)
Kirsten Regalado (Celebrity Fashion Designer)

Hollywood, CA (Social Dragon PR) August 15, 2015. Wow, 2 fashion designers in one fabulous episode this Sunday, August 16 7PM PST/10PM EST to Blogtalk with MJ Racadio on http://mranow.co featuring Alexis Monsanto & Kirsten Regalado.

First, meet Hollywood Couture Designer Alexis Monsanto (Atlelier). Monsanto is a Visionary Designer of Bridal dresses, evening wear, Debutant, MOB’s, Special Occasion, and Red Carpet Fashions. He first got his taste of the fashion bug when he was 15. He saw his first fashion show. It wasn’t until he was 23, when he first developed his first runway show. Then, he made headlines in 2011 by presenting the first 3D Fashion Show, showing off his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Overall, Monsanto is a pioneer in fusing fashion and technology in his shows.

with Kirsten Regalado after her interview
with Kirsten Regalado after her interview

Next, meet Fashion designer, Kirsten Regalado. Regalado started her fashion line in October 2009 by infusing Philippine Fabrics into contemporary designs. Nowadays, she expanded her fashion line and started focusing on bridal couture, pageant gowns and formal dresses. She has won numerous awards: People’s Choice awards, Spirit awards, APMA Awards, etc… In addition, her clientèle is stacked: Miss Universe Models, Miss Florida Models, Miss Worldwide International, etc.. All in all, Regalado’s unique styles is for the modern woman in today’s fashion world.

Matador Inspired Creation "Women Empowerment" by Kirsten Regalado
Matador Inspired Creation “Women Empowerment” by Kirsten Regalado

Pick up some great fashion designing tips by tuning in this Sunday, August 16 7PM PST/10PM EST to Blogtalk with MJ Racadio on http://mranow.co Don’t miss out. It is going to be a fabulous show. 




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