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Where Twilight meets Interview with the Vampire

From Twilight to Interview with the Vampire
By MJ Racadio
Official Trailer

Official Blood Ransom Flyer
Official Blood Ransom Flyer

Exclusive interview during Red Carpet  Photography by MJ Racadio
Exclusive interview during Red Carpet
Photography by MJ Racadio

Up Close & Personal Photography by MJ Racadio
Up Close & Personal
Photography by MJ Racadio

Photo Credit: Sthanlee Mirador
Photo Credit: Sthanlee Mirador

Press Conference Photograph by MJ Racadio
Press Conference
Photograph by MJ Racadio

Official Review of #BloodRansom

Directed- Francis De La Torre
Produced-Albert Chang
Jasmin Khun- Director of Photography

Intriguing opening showing Crystal (Anne Curtis) almost in a cat woman suit, then the father of vampire comes in. The peace keeper (Darion Basco) of West Covina dedicated to the community to find peace. The kidnapper/drug addict (Dion Basco) happened to be friends with the peace keeper. The heartthrob (Alexander Dreymon) comes in to drive and make the pretty vampire fall in love kinda like Twilight so to speak. The other blood suckers played by (Caleb Hunt) was amazingly talented as an actor.
The climax was heart wrenching scenes and the final ransom was really bloody.

The setting of the movie was quite interesting because its perfect for suspense thriller film. Kinda scary and makes you think what’s next.
The Club, the house, the car wreckage, and the freeways.

An awesome cinematography indeed, I like the fast paced of the screen. The music was icing on the cake. Great imagination!

Most of the characters were played well especially Anne Curtis as vampire. Alexander Dreymon played well as love interest/ blood sucker victim. Caleb Hunt was superb acting; Darion Basco was believable as cop, as well as Dion Basco was obnoxiously funny and played a good kidnapper/gangster. The father of vampire was excellent. The mother (Ms. Ranillo) played an awesome character. The little girl was cute.

The overall review rating is 4 out of 5 stars. Thought was cut little short I needed to watch more.

Opens today Nationwide in select theaters.