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Highly Anticipated Season 13 Kick-off Episode of Blogtalk

Highly anticipated Season 13 Kick-off 

New Episodes of Blogtalk Hollywood: Stories of hard-work, inspiration, and success 

By MJ Racadio

(Los Angeles, California, November 16, 2020). After several months of hiatus, the highly anticipated Season 13 kick-off of Blogtalk with MJ Racadio with new segments of Blogtalk Hollywood, America’s first Fil-Am Hollywood entertainment podcasting show will be on iTunes, Spotify and other major podcast platforms this Friday November 20, 2020. The kick-off episode, an interview with Ruben and Janet Nepales, Hollywood power-couple, who are both members of Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and executive producers of Golden Globe Awards 2020. What is going on in the film industry? Can Golden Globe Awards will roll-out the red carpet on February 2021? Tune in! for answers this Friday. Plus Ruben will reveal his biggest project to date.

Another historical moment for Filipino-Americans because Yellow Rose has been distributed by Sony Pictures early October this year. Who is the director behind it? None other than, Diane Paragas, an award-winning Director. What inspired her to work on Yellow Rose? Tune in! this Friday for a double episodes. 

About Diane Paragas 

Diane Paragas is an award-winning director, editor, cinematographer and

producer of commercials, narrative features and documentaries. She owns

and operates Civilian Studios a Brooklyn based production company.

She is most known for her documentary, Brooklyn Boheme, a feature-

length documentary about an African American arts movement that she

made in tandem with writer and critic Nelson George featuring Spike Lee,

Chris Rock and Rosie Perez to name a few. After being the first documentary to open the Urbanworld Film Festival, the film was acquired by Showtime and went on to win the Black Reel Award for Best Documentary. Paragas just completed a narrative feature film, Yellow Rose, about an undocumented Filipino-American teen pursuing a dream to become a country music singer. The film won the Cinematografo Originals Grant and the NYWIFT Ravenal Production Grant. She is also in pre-production for a bold feature documentary about a wrongfully convicted illegal immigrant.

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Celebrating Season 1 Finale of #Blogtalk with #MJRacadio with Hollywood Journalist Janet Susan Rodriguez Nepales also a member of Hollywood Foreign Press Association
Celebrating Season 1 Finale of #Blogtalk with #MJRacadio with Hollywood Journalist Janet Susan Rodriguez Nepales also a member of Hollywood Foreign Press Association

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#Blogtalk with #MJRacadio

It’s been 4 months of being a professional stalker lol! Let me tell you the real story behind #Blogtalk with #MJRacadio, it all started from recording blog diary because of boredom & needed to vent so to speak. It came to my attention, why don’t I create a show or invite influential people to inspire others through live interviews. Ironically, extremely surprised when all invitations were replied with big yes! do you wanna know my secret ? I just asked them that’s it!& the rest is history :-). Anyhow my sister said “Your #Blogtalk is interestingly funny”. Little did I know, this #Blogtalk is getting a lot buzz lately & couldn’t imagine the Hollywood Foreign Press Association member Janet Susan Rodriguez Nepales said “You’ve gone so far in a little time” as well as Emmy Nominated Producer of #TheTalk Marc Anthony Nicolas said “I like what your doing & wishing you nothing but success. Congrats! On your Season 2”. Still can’t believe that I went to Hollywood and celebrated Season 1 Finale of the show. Moving forward, Season 2 would be interesting one because of variety of influential people from Film Maker to Make-up Artist & Talent Manager to Interpreter. In addition, new logo will be up soon!, new give aways, and open for advertising because of its global appeal powered by Soundcloud it’s free from smartphones. Season 2 of #Blogtalk with #MJRacadio premiering September 07, 9PM PST/6PM EST http://soundcloud.com/mjracadio


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