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A Masterpiece of Eco-couture Gowns and Bow-Tie Creations


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A Masterpiece of Eco-couture Gowns and Bow-Tie Creations

John Ablaza Couture & Culture New York 2016 Major Sponsors.
John Ablaza Couture & Culture New York 2016 Major Sponsors.

November 24, 2016 (Hollywood, California) International Fashion Designer John Ablaza is showcasing his masterpieces in a fashion show event – John Ablaza Couture & Culture NY 2016.  His awe-inspiring collections have graced the runways of Hong Kong, Singapore, Bahrain, Sydney, Toronto, London, Belgium, Arizona, San Francisco, Los Angeles/Hollywood, Zimbabwe and now coming to NYC!

Saturday December 10, 2016 at ONE UN New York Hotel (1 United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017)

5PM Red Carpet I Cocktails I Silent Auction I Photo Exhibit   7PM Gala Fashion Show

his inspiration – nature

his mission – to help people

his vision – to bring fashion and culture together

John is an “eco-fashion” designer specializing in fabricating garments using sustainable, local materials like seeds bark reeds and coconut shells. While working with The Mangyan Tribe of Mindoro, together they came up with new ideas to use native sustainable materials in his designs while the Mangyans build a better future for their families.

With Couture & Culture NY 2016 in collaboration with Harare-Zimbabwe Designers and Artisans, the fashion show will gather 150 VIP guests from New York’s most influential circles, UN diplomats, celebrity appearances and partner with several media companies to cover this prestigious VIP ONLY cocktail gala, photo exhibit by an acclaimed Southern California photographer, Jhenny Morales Evans and a silent auction of all-things Zimbabwean and artisanal. Expanding his reach of beneficiaries, the Children of Silozwane Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and St. Martin de Porres, Cebu City.

Sponsor-Partners: Presko Magazine, Bella Skin Inc., Shoes by Chavez, ONE UN New York Hotel, CHHC Event Planning & Operations, Michael’s Floral Design NYC, Blogtalk With MJ Racadio, Alex Tupaz Photography and Jhenny Evans Photography.

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For more information visit www.chhcevents.com/events.


Only 75 silver tickets are available for purchase.

For tickets, sponsorship & press inquiries:  Velzon Velez E: velzonvelez@gmail.com  P: (347) 331-2666 or Helsey Lubiano   E: info@chhcevents.com   

Award-Winning Indie Film Nominated in New York City


by MJ Racadio

Hollywood, California (Social Dragon PR) September 20,2016

INCinema’s Award-winning indie film “Walang Take Two” (No Second Take) directed by award-winning director Carlo Cuevas definitely making some noise. Early this year, the film were recognized from London International Film Festival to Jakarta Film Festival and  bagged the Best Film and Cinematography from Madrid Film Festival. Apart from that, the indie film from the Philippines has come along way, “Walang Take Two” is the official selection for International Film Festival of Manhattan in New York City on October 20, 2016 and chosen as the opening film in Manhattan. In addition, also nominated for “Best Ensemble Acting Award” for feature film.


Cuevas said,” I am so thankful and bless that Walang Take Two won all these awards, I dedicate this award to all the staff and the team” .

“There are no second takes,” is what Hapi, a frustrated film director, always hears from his father Mang Julian, a retired videographer. Together with his best friends, Caloy and Onyok, he searches for potential producers who will finance his movie script. Out of options, they borrow from a known local loan shark named Alfajor, only to be stolen by the mischievous Oblax.

Striving to fulfill his dreams, looking for ways to pay his debt and with a struggling love life on the side, Hapi painfully learns that he has to be careful in his decisions before it is too late, because there are choices one might make in this life that can never be taken back– proving the wisdom behind his father’s ususal quip that sometimes there are no second takes.


For more details and of International Film Festival of Manhattan log on http://iffmnewyork.com



International Film Festival Pioneer Visiting Manila

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International Film Festival Pioneer Visiting Manila

Film Maker/Actor. Founder of International Film Festival Manhattan.
Film Maker/Actor. Founder of International Film Festival Manhattan.
Luis Pedron
Interview with DJ Apple of #PinasFM

by MJ Racadio

April 13, 2016 (Social Dragon PR) Quezon City, Philippines. Pedron arrived in the Philippines for speaking engagements about Film-Making and consulting projects. Luis Pedron making rounds of interviews from Magandang Umaga po! to 95.5 Pinas FM. Luis Pedron is the Festival Manager of the Viva Latino International Film Festival NY 2015 and 2016. In the past Luis  was the Programmerfor the Soho International Film Festival 2010 and 2011, Festival Director for the Asians on Film Festival in North Hollywood CA 2013, Festival Director for the One FILAM Film Festival Hollywood CA 2013.

Luis Pedron is currently the Co-Founder/Festival Director and Programmer of the International Film Festival Manhattan now on it’s 6th Year. IFFM showcases Asian, Latino, New York and International filmmakers that reflect the change that we see in America and the world today. His advocacy is to help film-makers from around the world to showcase different genres of films during the Film Festivals on October 20-23, 2016. For submissions visit http://iffmnewyork.com

Hollywood Red Carpet OMG!

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by MJ Racadio and Gherald Alaman of Talent and Skills NYC


Hollywood Red Carpet OMG!

with Natalie Fiteni (Hollywood Celebrity Photographer) after the Photo Shoot.
with Natalie Fiteni (Hollywood Celebrity Photographer) after the Photo Shoot.
Oscars 2014 Photo Credit: Natalie Fiteni
Oscars 2014 Photo Credit: Natalie Fiteni

Hollywood, CA (Social Dragon PR) July 31, 2015. Get to know celebrity photographer, Natalie Fiteni, this Sunday August 2nd at 7PM EST/10PM PST. Fiteni specializes inFashion, Editorial, Live Award Shows, Motion pictures, and much more. Her most notable clients include: Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, Sony, Variety Magazine, etc…. This list goes on and on. Currently, she is a photographer and producer for Time Warner Cable Media. Overall, Fiteni has an eye for photography.

Also preview the sounds of Eric G.’s hit song “Dreams.”

Eric G: Pop Star from NYC. MIFA 2014 Awardee.
Eric G: Pop Star from NYC. MIFA 2014 Awardee. MGR Records (Discover the udiscovered- Non- profit organization)

Don’t miss this episode, Tune in Sunday August 2nd at 7PM Est/10PM PST You might learn what it takes to be a successful photographer.





Where New York Bag Designer meets Eco-Fashion Designer

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by Gherald Alaman of Talent and Skills http://talentandskills.com

and MJ Racadio

John Ablaza: Philippine's First Eco-Fashion Designer
John Ablaza: Philippine’s First Eco-Fashion Designer

Hollywood CA (Social Dragon PR) July 02, 2015. Tune in this Sunday 7PM PST/10 EST on Blogtalk with MJ Racadio http://mranow.co. This Episode features Mary Lai, NYC Bag Designer, John Ablaza, Philippine’s First Eco-Fashion Designer, and this weekend’s Featured Artist: International Super Star Ricky Martin and Remix by DJ Cubanito & Klubjumpers.

Mary Lai: New York Bag Designer. Featured in Vogue Magazine
Mary Lai: New York Bag Designer. Featured in Vogue Magazine
Mary Lai Photo Credit: The Fashion Potential
Mary Lai
Photo Credit: The Fashion Potential

Mary Lai is a seasoned designer, artist, and business entrepreneur, known for her ultramodern edge, high quality leather handbag collection. Recently, Lai was nominated for Distinctly Denim Handbag by Guess at the 17th Annual IHDA Award Ceremony, and the year before she was nominated in 2 categories out of 1500+ applicants. Prior to 2014, Lai received the American Express OPEN Rising Stars of Fashion Award. Furthermore, Lai was awarded the Independent Handbag Designer Award in June 2013 for the Best Handmade Handbag. All in all, Lai is a gifted designer.

with John Ablaza after the Interview at W Hotel Hollywood
with John Ablaza after the Interview at W Hotel Hollywood

Next, meet John Ablaza, an international Fashion Designer with a mission and vision of promoting the rich culture and heritage of the Philippines. Ablaza’s Vision is to create a livelihood for local artisans. He is also known for his bow tie couture. What makes his bow tie collection special is the embroidery, which is made by different tribes in the Philippines. Most notably, Ablaza is Philippine’s first eco-fashion designer.

Ricky Martin's Smashed Hit
Ricky Martin’s Smashed Hit “Adios”
Remixed by DJ Cubanito & Klubjumpers
Photo Credit : GratisMusica.org

Featured artist will be International Superstar Ricky Martin with his new smashed hit “Adios” remixed by DJ Cubanito & Klubjumpers– Grammy nominated Billboard producers.

Tune in to this exciting episode Sunday July 5th 7PM PST/10 EST on Blogtalk with MJ Racadio http://mranow.co

Mary Lai – Luxury Bag Designer  


        John Ablaza – Eco-Fashion Designer



Ricky Martin’s New Smashed Hit Song “Adios”

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