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Noli Me Tangere: The Musical a Hit!

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Where Les Miserables meets Miss Saigon

Cast members of Noli Me Tangere:The Musical after a succesful perfomances
Cast members of Noli Me Tangere:The Musical after a succesful perfomances. Photo Credit: Jophel Huffman

Hollywood CA (Social Dragon PR) July 22, 2015. The anticipation was high outside Cerritos Performing Arts on July 11, 2015 before 8PM, Noli Me Tangere The Musical returns in Los Angeles, where Dr. Jose Rizal’s legacy bringing to life and the music from legendary Ryan Cayabyab.

Curtains opening: speech from the producer of the show Teatro Pilipino USA, First Act was really dark then the whole casts started singing in crescendo like style and building the momentum.

The most memorable characters were Crisostomo Ibarra played by Miguel Vera, a multi-talented singer/recording artist. Miguel Vera’s performance was amazing amazing plus his portayal was believable. Sisa’s portrayal was dramatic tear jerker and made me laugh out loud.

A charming Maria Clara with vocal prowess and the ability to command each musical numbers with heart and soul.

Kapitan Tiago’s performance with excellent vocal plus unexpected serious and very funny moments througout the duration of the musical.

The famous couple played by Nepomuceno and Garcia were extremely funny and it adds the life of the musical and unforgeatable moments . In addition, the entire casts were talented from dancing to vocals. – MJ Racadio of #USPressAssociation

4.5 stars out of 5 stars

What’s next for Teatro Pilipino USA perhaps debut in a great white way? Heard it in the grapevine international staging in Canada.