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Where Wayne’s World meets Black Eyed Peas

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Where Wayne’s World meets Black Eyed Peas

We got three exciting people in the entertainment industry, Apl. de. Ap ,Tia Carerre and Eric G. this Sunday August 23rd 7PM PST /10PM EST to Blogtalk with MJRacadio on http://mranow.co.

Apl De Ap Tia Carrere
Apl De Ap & Tia Carrere. Photo Credit: Tia Carrere
with Apl De Ap
with Apl De Ap of Black Eyed Peas

Apl.de.Ap (pronounced “Apple Dee Ap”), also known as Allan Pineda Lindo, is a Filipino-American Rapper, singer, break dancer, record producer, and a philanthropist. Apl.de.Ap had a tough life growing up, but he persevered. He is widely known, as one of the founding members of the Grammy Award winning music Hip Hop/Pop group “The Black Eyed Peas.” He has won numerous awards: The Myx Award, Global Achievement (GMMSF Box-Office Entertainment Awards), The Spirit Award for his philanthropy work, etc… Currently, Apl.de.Ap is one of the judges for “The Voice of the Philippines.” Overall, despite the fame, Apl.de.Ap never forgot where he came from. He has given back to his family, the Philippines, and the global community.

with Tia Carrere
with Tia Carrere

Next, meet Tia Carrere. She is an American Actress, singer, model and voice artist, born and raised in Hawaii. She got her big break, while she was at a grocery store. She landed her first movie role in “Aloha Summer.” Than, she showed her acting range in several major blockbuster films, such as Wayne’s World 1& 2, True Lies, Rising Sun, Lilo & Stitch, and so on.In addition, Carrere and her friend/artist/producer Daniel Ho was nominated for a Grammy 3 years in a row and won two. Their song “Hawaiiana” reached the #10 on Billboard’s World Music Chart. Presently, Carrere is producing a biopic of Rell Sunn, a Hawaiian surf legend, in which she plans to portray her. All in all, Tia Carrere has a diverse entertainment background and a Hollywood Triple Threat indeed.

Eric G: Pop Star from NYC. MIFA 2014 Awardee.
Eric G: Pop Star from NYC. MIFA 2014 Awardee.


Eric G's Bio
Eric G’s Bio

Don’t miss out on Apl.de.Ap, Tia Carrere’s and Eric G.’s latest buzz. Tune in this Sunday August 23rd 7PM PST /10PM EST to Blogtalk with MJRacadio on http://mranow.co.  Listen to their interviews and get inspired.





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