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The Blogger’s Travel Vlog: #ClarkPampanga

The Blogger’s Travel Vlog: a day in #ClarkPampanga

by MJ Racadio

From Manila-Travel Time: It depends if travelling through public transportation (2-3 hours) or private vehicle plus toll fees (1:30-2:00) via NLEX to SCETEX.

Tourist Spots: http://www.visitclark.com/


#QuestHotel: 4 Star but 5 Star Customer Service with world-class amenities.


 VLOG: #QuestHotel Comfortable Room

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From mouth-watering international food at #CafeMequeni to beautiful view at the Golf Course.


VLOG: You will appreciate their mouth-watering international cuisines from Sushi to Filipino favorites.

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VLOG Golf Course

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From Swimming pool to Fitness Center.

VLOG: Swimming Pool and Amenities                                                                           

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